President’s Message

It was at an unexpected moment that I had to accept the onerous office of the President
of the Pelmadulla Gankanda Central College Past Pupils’ Association. I must say that I
reluctantly accepted this onerous task of the office of the President since I was encouraged by
the Principal, Mr. Neil Dhammika Watukarawatta, a distinguished past pupil of our College,
as well as the outgoing President, Priyantha Weliwatta and the outgoing General Secretary,
and also other leading past pupils representing re-presenting different decades.

With such encouragement at hand, I hope I will have the full confidence of performing
the functions of office of the President during the current year and I expect the fullest co-
operation of all past pupils, whether they are in or around Pelmadulla or any other part of the
country, where they are established due to the needs of the offices they hold.

I wish to mention briefly our Programme for the year, in addition to the usual events,
namely, (a) The Annual Prize Giving and (b) Gankanda Night Get-together :

  • Setting up of an Office for the Association in the College premises;
  • Promotion of Membership Programme;
  • Maintenance of the College Website with the assistance of brother Ravi ranjan;
  • Reorganization of the College Museum and Archives;
  • Felicitation of Past Office-bearers;
  • Strengthening of the co-operation with Colombo Group and other different EraGroups, who will be welcome to send their representatives to our Monthly Meetings,Annual Gatherings and other events, which will be notified to them.

With all Good Wishes for a bright future for our Alma Mater and her offsprings !

G. Harischandra Jayawardhana